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Scalzilli/Brasil Corporate Network

Scalzilli/Brasil Corporate Network

The Scalzilli/Brasil Corporate Network is an intelligence structure organized by the Scalzilli.fmv Advogados & Associados Law Firm, which renders Legal Advisory Services, and Judicial and Administrative Services all over the country. The Scalzilli/Brasil Corporate Network has dozens of Operational Units and linked Correspondent Offices, strategically located in all of the regions of the country, in order to render the following services:

Legal Advisory Services:
Focused on the Companies and their Legal Services Departments, it renders full Legal Advisory Services, allowing the centralization of the legal operations and the total control of the claims, making uniform the services and the procedures. Based on that, we have standardized the submission of reports, documents and information, getting a broad and strategic vision of the Legal and Financial claims of each Client Company.

Judicial Services
It renders judicial services in all of the regions of the country, such as photocopies, judicial hearings, protocols and withdrawals of documents from the Courts and Governmental Bodies, and it also renders these services at all of the Higher Courts and the Surveillance Governmental Bodies in Brasilia/ Federal District.

Administrative Services:
They are activities performed at Court Records´ Offices, Real Estate Registration Offices, Notary Public Offices, Boards of Trade, Federal Tax Bureau, State Tax Bureau, City Governments, Embassies and Consulates, among others.

The Scalzilli/Brasil Network has a customized IT system that controls:
• The step-by-step follow up of the operation according to the service as agreed upon;
• Sending reports on proceedings and on financial matters, being standardized and/or adapted as per the needs of the Client;
• Possibility of issuing just one invoice for the whole services;
• Follow up of maturity dates and annotations in the proceedings;
• Sending and circulation of documents;
• Preparation for hearings;
• Analysis of the work quality after the event;
• Strategic and close relationship with the Client and the respective needs.

The structure and the know-how of the Scalzilli/Brasil Corporate Network, which also has more than 400 Linked Correspondent Offices, allow rendering services with personalization, dynamism and low cost, regarding all of the fields referred to the Corporate Law and at any location all over the country.

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